Wild Rose Studio’s Artistic Journey

Tomorrow, March 11th from 10:00 AM- 4:00 PM come check out Laurie Burton’s Wild Rose Studio (302 South Jackson Street) where local artists Joseph MacGown, Joe MacGown, Laurie Burton, Allison Julien, Gerrard Woods, Carly Melton, and John Bateman will be chillin and/or selling artwork! It’ll be great fun, I promise 😉 !

painting I’ll have at pop-up show

painting I’ll have at pop-up show

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MacGown, Fitzgerald, Kilburn at one night only pop up show

Come see the artwork of MSU art students’ Phoebe Fitzgerald, Jenni Kilburn, and Josseph MacGown– One Night Only at Howell Hall, room 111! Thursday, March, 23 from 6:00-8:00 pm. Food, artwork, and weirdo students! Thanks to Critz Campbell and Ronnie Robinson for running the ONE NIGHT ONLY events! To see more about the events follow @one_night_only_msu on instagram!


image featuring artwork by Joseph MacGown, Phoebe Fitzgerald, Jenni Kilburn

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Last year of high school installation “poem of us”

My last year of high school my mother helped me find a house to set up a temporary installation/art show of the creative stuff I did throughout high school. I had poetry, collages, lights, conceptual assemblages, etc. hanging on the walls and some of my music playing in the background. I invited a few friends to explore the space. Here are some photos from the event.


Sign directing visitors to “Poem of Us”


Arrows lead the way


Lights and paintings… with a sheet to block out the powerful sun


A visitor, Cody Blackwell, makes a kissy-kiss face from the excitement


Visitors- Cody Blackwell and Sara Graham closely observe a drawing and strange lights and a toy train track that climbs the wall…


Visitor stares into the spinning disco light eyes


Visitors strike excited poses


Visitor reads various poems on the “Poetry Boards”


Visitor looks at the wall-collage of various drawing/paintings, distorted photos, and found objects


Visitors gathered at the “Table of Doodles”


Visitors watch a short film I made, titled, “Ii Fut un Temps”




Snack time!


Dancing around the show




Watchin the flick!


Laurn lookin at stuff


From a corner, perspective

  like 7 people showed up- ha! that’s crazy mon! Also my dad had an art exhibit thing at an actual art museum…Fancy man… I don’t think I have the desire to post photos from his show right now, but it turned out well! Yeah. He did have this video of his artwork playing during the exhibit- and I made a song for the video- check it out below:


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Morning Delusion

Just started this blog. Have not had time to scan any of my art, but will add that eventually. I also like to sing, play guitar, bass, keyboard, harmonica and other stuff. I have some music posted on Soundcloud.com  Here is a link to one of my songs:

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