Wild Rose Studio’s Artistic Journey

Tomorrow, March 11th from 10:00 AM- 4:00 PM come check out Laurie Burton’s Wild Rose Studio (302 South Jackson Street) where local artists Joseph MacGown, Joe MacGown, Laurie Burton, Allison Julien, Gerrard Woods, Carly Melton, and John Bateman will be chillin and/or selling artwork! It’ll be great fun, I promise ūüėČ !

painting I’ll have at pop-up show

painting I’ll have at pop-up show

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MacGown, Fitzgerald, Kilburn at one night only pop up show

Come see the artwork of MSU art students’ Phoebe Fitzgerald, Jenni Kilburn, and Josseph MacGown– One Night Only at Howell Hall, room 111! Thursday, March, 23 from 6:00-8:00 pm. Food, artwork, and weirdo students! Thanks to Critz Campbell and Ronnie Robinson for running the ONE NIGHT ONLY events! To see more about the events follow @one_night_only_msu on instagram!


image featuring artwork by Joseph MacGown, Phoebe Fitzgerald, Jenni Kilburn

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Dude THough, School and stuffin (blog revival)

aaaaaah -Man I guess I wasn’t very successful at bein a consistent blogger- like i said I was goin to attempt to be and stuffin… Dude though, school is so crazy and distracting. That’s kind of an excuse- I just don’t focus very well on anything, but it’s whatevevev’s… So, for those of you that are “following” me or whatevers, this post will include noteworthy happenings of the past few months. Well, actually, I think I’m just going to post some photos from this artshow/installation thingie, “Poem of Us,” ¬†I had at some point in July… I think…


Sign directing visitors to “Poem of Us”


Arrows lead the way


Lights and paintings… with a sheet to block out the powerful sun


A visitor, Cody Blackwell, makes a kissy-kiss face from the excitement


Visitors- Cody Blackwell and Sara Graham closely observe a drawing and strange lights and a toy train track that climbs the wall…


Visitor stares into the spinning disco light eyes


Visitors strike excited poses


Visitor reads various poems on the “Poetry Boards”


Visitor looks at the wall-collage of various drawing/paintings, distorted photos, and found objects


Visitors gathered at the “Table of Doodles”


Visitors watch a short film I made, titled, “Ii Fut un Temps”




Snack time!


Dancing around the show




Watchin the flick!


Laurn lookin at stuff


From a corner, perspective

¬†¬†like 7 people showed up- ha! that’s crazy mon! Also my dad had an art exhibit thing at an actual art museum…Fancy man… I don’t think I have the desire to post photos from his show right now, but it turned out well! Yeah. He did have this video of his artwork playing during the exhibit- and I made a song for the video- check it out below:


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Moar Neww Stuf. (Draft)

So, I haven’t completed as much as I’ve wanted in general, but I have done some new stuff.

I guess I just got back from my family’s annual beach trip- so that was cool, but it might have set me back a bit…whatever… coulda inspired me too. I’ve been trying to get back in a little better running shape, and I’m gradually doin such as well as the art stuff- pretty crazy. I have some people to run with- that’s cool. I really enjoy running. Anyway, below are some pictures of a few paintings that I haven’t posted yet; some new photographs and a couple of ¬†links to new poems that I posted to my Writerscafe¬†account… http://www.writerscafe.org/AmadeusHarrison < (and that is my profile on the site.)


http://www.writerscafe.org/writing/AmadeusHarrison/1198577/ < link to a compilation of shorter poems that I posted…

http://www.writerscafe.org/writing/AmadeusHarrison/1198571/ < link to a poem I wrote entitled¬†“That’s a Lovely Mess”



Electronic Jazz Woman. New Painting-


Jailed By Herself- Painting with strips of painting jailing in the painting- the idea is cooler than the painting, but I’m still getting better- so that’s cool…


Digital Sun Party- not completely finished, but yeah used some ink and glass and sharpie and a little paint and a toothbrush

Photography (no titles)

1 2 3  5 IMG_1304 IMG_1366  prof

Album Art


This is for an experimental idea I had to make a poem a cd (“Poem of Us.”) Not even close to being finished yet, but this is one of the pictures for the album art stuff.

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¬°SUmeeeer maaar time!

SUmmmmmmmeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrr tiiiiiiime!!!!!!!!!!!!

Throughout this past school year I discovered the great difficulty of being a simultaneous¬†consistent¬†blogger and student of a high-school. However, I feel if I get into a kind-of routine over the next 2 months of summer break I will be able to pull it off my Senior year. So yeah- I do hope to accomplish some things this summer- as well as have some social fun n’ stuff. Also, I hope this summer to more find myself and as well¬†enhance¬†my respect for wanting to understand more of how things work. Yeah- As wells I’m planning on getting in better physical shape. So far I haven’t completed an overly¬†exorbitant¬†amount of desired productivity, but it’s whatever-

I can’t remember a lot of all the happenings, but here are a couple of ¬†creative things that I’ve completed recently…

link to my account on this poetry account that I was informed of… http://www.writerscafe.org/AmadeusHarrison

Also a link to the poetry profile of the person who told me about the site…



new pastel picture- are u real?


new pastel picture- do u believe?

JosephCD cover2

new cd cover for this cd Rambunctious Universe that I’ve kind of finished and stuff

So- this is kind of just a thing so I can make a post and maybe, possibly- finally get in a kinda routine- it helps me look at what I’ve completed and get better at blogging- one of my possible career choices (though I obviously don’t care in my blog posts about using grammar in a MLA accepted format- and am pretty rambunctious in my topic changing craze- whatever.)

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Art Contest and other forgotten pasts…

Takin’ a break from a project for school referred to as “junior research” to write a new blog entry. Two in one day! I don’t know if that’s good or bad, but yeah…

I toads and frogs forgot about making a post about the schools art contest thing that I entered some stuff in. It kind of seems like a blur honestly. So yeah apparently I won something in everything that I entered. The contest was separated by grade and had entries from like kindergarden- high-school. So it’s nice to see some younger students in the area get into the arts. However much of honor this was, there were not very many entries in the high-school division and that was quite disappointing. But ya mon- anyways the categories were short story, poem, graphic design, photography, and drawing thing. So I kind of just entered in all of them. Bellow is my poem, my graphic design, my photograph, and a picture of me with my charcoal/pen and ink drawing (that picture is a bit blurry).

Apartment Mortality [PDF] <that is a link to my poem, Apartment Mortality.


part of my graphic design- my cd that I did a design for. I think it has like 20 songs of mine on there…

dr. who?

my photograph “Dr. Who?”

The Personal Shadows

me and my charcoal/pen and ink drawing “The Personal Shadows”

Below is a video by our schools news thing. I had a short interview for winning the awards. It is quite difficult to find our schools’ news channel thing for youtube because they named it My Morning Jacket (our school mascot is the yellow jacket) and ya know the band and stuff.

Other things I have lacked in posting are about running. I don’t remember most of what I did, but I have some pictures with captions describing the scene.


This was an awesome day for running with people. Some really crazy jokers showed up. Kamau (from left to right) Arash, Lucas, me, Brent, and dad


these dudes showed up at our house to run in the mud


I’ve ran in one recent race. I won first- dad won the masters division. The race was the Tupelo Muddy 5k- needles to say it was pretty muddy…


These are some other winners in the race. When the two guys to the left of me(Joshua and Brian something) were in high-school- I ran with them. Now they’re running at Blue Mountain College. The guy to my right is a high-schooler dude that we met at the race- Will Crigger.

Also I’ve been working with some more experimental songs lately-I haven’t had time to post them on the internet yet, but ¬†I took this photograph that kind of vaguely reminds me of the songs:


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I “bees” a horrible blogger

The reason I entitled this specific blog entry ‚ÄúI “bees” a horrible blogger ‚Äú is because I have proved to be in my first few months as a blogger, a horrible blogger. The purposeful ridiculous ‚Äúbees‚ÄĚ section of the title is used as a pun paralleled to some interesting research about honeybees that stood out as significant to me earlier today. The reason I have proved to myself to be a horrible blogger is because of my terribly evil inconsistencies in posting. I must apologize to the lack of human beings that follow me‚Ķ It does kind of irk me personally honestly as this blog is in a way for me to finally try at keeping a kinda-sorta journal thing as well as it‚Äôs many other uses. Below is a link to the article that I read earlier dealing with this cwazy study on bee venom killing HIV:


So yeah I don’t remember a lot of what I’ve been up to lately, but one key thing was having some friends come out to my house to look at my dad’s artwork and to take photo’s of my property- which was later referred to as the “Shire”. ¬†I find all of the people who came to my house quite interesting and have a respect for all of them. I think we had much fun walking through my trails. So yeah here are some random photo’s from that (though they did not resize well):


In da livin’ room posin’


this is interesting to me


Random stuff at my treehouse


Excitement over similar pants!


Pencil throwing wars. Those three are using the wooden shields my dad painted for me and my cousins when were younger. The awesome photography chick takin’ photos…


In the treehouse


Standing around


Keeping warm



This is something else that took place recently. Our neighbor Gentry, whom my father has known since Junior High-school, visited our house to let us borrow some cd’s- including the recently released Jack White cd. Also he lent us the movie Winter Passing. Gentry is a pretty crazy country, beatnik, poetry writing, and singer-songwriter random guy. So yeah he’s pretty crazyIMG_4372

Me and Gentry. My dogs wished to get into the photo as well…
the poster for the movie Gentry lent us. I must also state that Gentry's Dotson is name Zooey after Zooey Deschanel.

the poster for the movie Gentry lent us. I must also state that Gentry’s Dotson is name Zooey after Zooey Deschanel.

Jack White in the cover of the album that Gentry let us borrow

Jack White in the cover of the album that Gentry let us borrow

Oh yes I almost forgot. While a few of us were walking in the woods we kind of randomly made a very impromptu Harlem Shake fad video

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It’s been awhile

It’s been awhile since I’ve written anything for my blog thing.

There is that pause surrounding me. The only noises I can hear now are of the tic of the clock representing time that we can understand and the chill that grabs ahold of the wind-chimes outside the window. About an hour ago I completed my skinny people workout while listening to Rage Against the Machine, The Cure, Beck, and Nirvana. However the relative weariness that covers my physical body is more from a lack of sleep over the past few days. It’s been so long since I’ve completed any posts for this blog it’s going to be hard to remember all of the creative stuff. But I will TRY!!@!

Photo on 2012-12-26 at 23.45 #2

skinny people push-ups

Christmas break was pretty lakidazical and filled with laziness and zombieness. I did, however get to spend a great deal of time with my family and received pretty awesome gifts. I think this is the first year that I’ve had so many friends as well as family think about giving gifts. I got cd’s, clay dancers, ¬†and a book of poems from friends. Stand- outs of other Christmas gifts include ¬†a ukelele, a record player, a new Nike watch, and an awesome hat. SO YESIDfua that’s pwatty cwazay! But yeah I try to hold myself back from overindulgence of Christmas and Christmas gifts because of how materialistic it has gotten. My family began an interesting practice that I enjoy a few years ago. The idea is to spend less money on gifts for the family and get everyone together to pay for a charity. This year we gave money to Charity:water (https://www.charitywater.org/donate/?gclid=CJvT9Kj3-bQCFQSf4AodAgMAFQ#step-1).imgres

Photo on 2012-12-26 at 09.02

new christmas stuff

During Christmas I also watched many movies- there were two stand out’s that were very interesting:¬†Me and You and Everyone we Know¬†and Some Days are Better than Others. Also weeks later I saw the movie the humerus movie¬†Away we Go.

imgres-1 imgres-2 imgres-3

During the Christmas break is around the time I finally started experimenting with creating 3d clay stuff.

3d clay stuff

3d clay stuff


Yeah also for Christmas I got some boards to paint on and some ideas for doing competitions. One of the competitions was the one that I went to this past weekend. I’m great friends with a few of theatre people at my school and have an interest in theatre, so to go to a theatre festival hosted by the Mississippi Theatre Association (MTA- hosted by further more the Mississippi University for Women) with my schools’ 45 minuete play production I decided to do one of the many side events. I created mini ¬†set design. I decided to do a scene from Alice in Wonderland.

IMG_4000IMG_4001IMG_4002The MTA festival was pretty awesomely fun! I wish I could just hangout with theatre people from all over all the time. And I totally wish I would have brought my camera with me to take pictures of all the crazy stuff I saw- and the winners of stuff! During my time there I was also able to watch quite a few different play productions- it was so awesome! Just awesome. From my school Anna Shaw, Louis Codling, Rex Ammes, Lacy Claire Whitten, Akane Little, Abreana (she’s so adorable, but I can’t spell her name, nor do I actually know her last name), Aaron Remotigue, Steve Jones, Mary Kate Hughes, and Brannon Godwin won awards. AWESOMENESS! The main production put on by my school was The Insanity of Mary Girard¬†by somebody idk. whoops! But anyways I describe the effect on my mind the festival had on me.

At the festival I received a giant rip in my pants- that was weird…

Another competition I plan on entering in is an art contest put on by my school. The categories include: poem, short story, graphic design, photography, and drawing/painting- I’m going to try for every category.

i found this picture of some of us eating lunch

i found this picture of some of us eating lunch

When I got back to Starkville I went running with a decent number of people. Arash Taheri, Brent Wallace, Kamau Bostic, Lucas Muniz, Steve Schaffer, Jovon Hill, dad, and me were all there. Once again I wish I had my camera with me. After finishing a short 5 1/2 mile run I went to Akane Little’s house with quite a few friends for her birthday. She has an awesomely decorated house! I wish I had a camera!

so from now on I’ll try to be better about consistent blogging! ūüėČ HAPPY Martin Luther King Jr. day!!!

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School and whatnot or whatever…

As I sit here, relatively sick and absent from school, I reflect on the happenings of the past week or so. My mind is kindly relaxing and rewinding with hot tea and honey as I look to key figures of events that occurred and possibly triggered vague emotions that lead to a creative outlook and in turn, a longing for creative expression over this period of time.

Most of the time in this past week, similar to most of the time throughout the history of my life, was centered in walking and sitting in the hallways and classrooms built on pieces of the foundation of the ideas of the modern education system. There was a bit of excitement last Monday however, as my high schools’ football team was successful in winning their state championship. When we got to school there was a ceremony in the early morning and I was able to witness hundreds of my peers screaming like Romans at gladiators. It was a bit invigorating¬†as much of their victory was geared towards the respect of an old teammate, Devin Mitchell. Devin, commonly referred to in inspiring poster banners as #32, who deceased this past new year. His personal and religious philosophies influenced the area and many students greatly.

After school was over, I went to the after-school choir practice. Choir is a very interesting class- I am not a particularly great student for the class, but I do enjoy listening to the songs and singing -so it is enjoyable. I cannot help but feel as though music is one of God’s greatest gifts to mankind after hearing the all female choir singing the song Breath of Heaven.


The plant Breath of Heaven…

On Tuesday after school I met with my father for one of our open-invitation runs. I ended up running with my dad (Joe MacGown), Nathan Gaudin, Jorge Villarreal, and Lucas Muniz. CrAzY!!@!!2!!. On Thursday I ran with my dad, Nathan, and Steve Shaffer. After our run we saw Lucas Muniz getting prepared for his run. On Tuesday I went just over 9 miles and on Thursday I went about 6 miles.


Steve “awesomeness” Shaffer, Nathan “the beast” Gaudin, Me, and the recently acquainted Lucas Muniz

Usually during the school week, I feel like little is accomplished and that I‚Äôm being completely unproductive. Last week I found myself drawing on the tips of my shoes and that felt pretty productive, but yeah ya know. Also, last week I was enthused in Human A&P to learn about an odd disease case- with a man commonly referred to as “treeman.” His case inspired a dream-like storyline inside my head that left me with an odd emotion. If I remember correctly, his disease was caused by a combination of HPV and a rare immune deficiency.


The Indonesian man the video I watched was about- he went through massive surgery after ten years of having the skin disease

Photo on 2012-12-05 at 19.28

The shoes I drew on

Last week I was also pleasantly surprised with a surprise early Christmas gift. An interestingly energetic girl named Ashley Rude made me a hat completely of duct tape.

Photo on 2012-12-10 at 22.02

Duct tape hat!

During the weekend I spent most of my time with my relatively new group of eclectic friends. On Friday night a group of us watched a French film named Am√©lie. I did not finish the movie as I had to leave early for adequate sleep for the ACT thenext morning and a Choir Christmas Concert thing Saturday night. The morning after the Christmas Concert I went to another friends house to watch the artistic movie Cashback. Afterword I went with another group of people to practice singing for the possibility of trying out for the schools musical production. We actually spent most of our time ‚ÄúDERPING‚ÄĚ around the MSU campus.¬†I concluded my weekend with eating dinner at my lady friend, the flautist Chelsea Taylors’ house.

imgresimgres-2…< The movies¬†Am√©lie and Cashback.

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The Search for Mother

I draw some weird stuff. Maybe it runs in the family? There should not be any rules for art. Draw or paint or whatever with whatever works. Below is an example of a strange mixed media picture I did using Elmer’s glue, charcoal, and ink.

Elmers Glue, Charcoal, and ink on illustration board

Elmers Glue, Charcoal, and ink on illustration board

Glue to draw with? Why not. Originally I had this picture oriented differently, but it looked better sideways, so there you go.

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