Moar Neww Stuf. (Draft)

So, I haven’t completed as much as I’ve wanted in general, but I have done some new stuff.

I guess I just got back from my family’s annual beach trip- so that was cool, but it might have set me back a bit…whatever… coulda inspired me too. I’ve been trying to get back in a little better running shape, and I’m gradually doin such as well as the art stuff- pretty crazy. I have some people to run with- that’s cool. I really enjoy running. Anyway, below are some pictures of a few paintings that I haven’t posted yet; some new photographs and a couple of  links to new poems that I posted to my Writerscafe account… < (and that is my profile on the site.)

Poems < link to a compilation of shorter poems that I posted… < link to a poem I wrote entitled “That’s a Lovely Mess”



Electronic Jazz Woman. New Painting-


Jailed By Herself- Painting with strips of painting jailing in the painting- the idea is cooler than the painting, but I’m still getting better- so that’s cool…


Digital Sun Party- not completely finished, but yeah used some ink and glass and sharpie and a little paint and a toothbrush

Photography (no titles)

1 2 3  5 IMG_1304 IMG_1366  prof

Album Art


This is for an experimental idea I had to make a poem a cd (“Poem of Us.”) Not even close to being finished yet, but this is one of the pictures for the album art stuff.


About josephmacgown

Art student. Runner. Antijoker. Experimental musicer. Absurdist writer. Not surer.
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