¡SUmeeeer maaar time!

SUmmmmmmmeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrr tiiiiiiime!!!!!!!!!!!!

Throughout this past school year I discovered the great difficulty of being a simultaneous consistent blogger and student of a high-school. However, I feel if I get into a kind-of routine over the next 2 months of summer break I will be able to pull it off my Senior year. So yeah- I do hope to accomplish some things this summer- as well as have some social fun n’ stuff. Also, I hope this summer to more find myself and as well enhance my respect for wanting to understand more of how things work. Yeah- As wells I’m planning on getting in better physical shape. So far I haven’t completed an overly exorbitant amount of desired productivity, but it’s whatever-

I can’t remember a lot of all the happenings, but here are a couple of  creative things that I’ve completed recently…

link to my account on this poetry account that I was informed of… http://www.writerscafe.org/AmadeusHarrison

Also a link to the poetry profile of the person who told me about the site…



new pastel picture- are u real?


new pastel picture- do u believe?

JosephCD cover2

new cd cover for this cd Rambunctious Universe that I’ve kind of finished and stuff

So- this is kind of just a thing so I can make a post and maybe, possibly- finally get in a kinda routine- it helps me look at what I’ve completed and get better at blogging- one of my possible career choices (though I obviously don’t care in my blog posts about using grammar in a MLA accepted format- and am pretty rambunctious in my topic changing craze- whatever.)


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Art student. Runner. Antijoker. Experimental musicer. Absurdist writer. Not surer.
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