I “bees” a horrible blogger

The reason I entitled this specific blog entry “I “bees” a horrible blogger “ is because I have proved to be in my first few months as a blogger, a horrible blogger. The purposeful ridiculous “bees” section of the title is used as a pun paralleled to some interesting research about honeybees that stood out as significant to me earlier today. The reason I have proved to myself to be a horrible blogger is because of my terribly evil inconsistencies in posting. I must apologize to the lack of human beings that follow me… It does kind of irk me personally honestly as this blog is in a way for me to finally try at keeping a kinda-sorta journal thing as well as it’s many other uses. Below is a link to the article that I read earlier dealing with this cwazy study on bee venom killing HIV:


So yeah I don’t remember a lot of what I’ve been up to lately, but one key thing was having some friends come out to my house to look at my dad’s artwork and to take photo’s of my property- which was later referred to as the “Shire”.  I find all of the people who came to my house quite interesting and have a respect for all of them. I think we had much fun walking through my trails. So yeah here are some random photo’s from that (though they did not resize well):


In da livin’ room posin’


this is interesting to me


Random stuff at my treehouse


Excitement over similar pants!


Pencil throwing wars. Those three are using the wooden shields my dad painted for me and my cousins when were younger. The awesome photography chick takin’ photos…


In the treehouse


Standing around


Keeping warm



This is something else that took place recently. Our neighbor Gentry, whom my father has known since Junior High-school, visited our house to let us borrow some cd’s- including the recently released Jack White cd. Also he lent us the movie Winter Passing. Gentry is a pretty crazy country, beatnik, poetry writing, and singer-songwriter random guy. So yeah he’s pretty crazyIMG_4372

Me and Gentry. My dogs wished to get into the photo as well…
the poster for the movie Gentry lent us. I must also state that Gentry's Dotson is name Zooey after Zooey Deschanel.

the poster for the movie Gentry lent us. I must also state that Gentry’s Dotson is name Zooey after Zooey Deschanel.

Jack White in the cover of the album that Gentry let us borrow

Jack White in the cover of the album that Gentry let us borrow

Oh yes I almost forgot. While a few of us were walking in the woods we kind of randomly made a very impromptu Harlem Shake fad video


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