Art Contest and other forgotten pasts…

Takin’ a break from a project for school referred to as “junior research” to write a new blog entry. Two in one day! I don’t know if that’s good or bad, but yeah…

I toads and frogs forgot about making a post about the schools art contest thing that I entered some stuff in. It kind of seems like a blur honestly. So yeah apparently I won something in everything that I entered. The contest was separated by grade and had entries from like kindergarden- high-school. So it’s nice to see some younger students in the area get into the arts. However much of honor this was, there were not very many entries in the high-school division and that was quite disappointing. But ya mon- anyways the categories were short story, poem, graphic design, photography, and drawing thing. So I kind of just entered in all of them. Bellow is my poem, my graphic design, my photograph, and a picture of me with my charcoal/pen and ink drawing (that picture is a bit blurry).

Apartment Mortality [PDF] <that is a link to my poem, Apartment Mortality.


part of my graphic design- my cd that I did a design for. I think it has like 20 songs of mine on there…

dr. who?

my photograph “Dr. Who?”

The Personal Shadows

me and my charcoal/pen and ink drawing “The Personal Shadows”

Below is a video by our schools news thing. I had a short interview for winning the awards. It is quite difficult to find our schools’ news channel thing for youtube because they named it My Morning Jacket (our school mascot is the yellow jacket) and ya know the band and stuff.

Other things I have lacked in posting are about running. I don’t remember most of what I did, but I have some pictures with captions describing the scene.


This was an awesome day for running with people. Some really crazy jokers showed up. Kamau (from left to right) Arash, Lucas, me, Brent, and dad


these dudes showed up at our house to run in the mud


I’ve ran in one recent race. I won first- dad won the masters division. The race was the Tupelo Muddy 5k- needles to say it was pretty muddy…


These are some other winners in the race. When the two guys to the left of me(Joshua and Brian something) were in high-school- I ran with them. Now they’re running at Blue Mountain College. The guy to my right is a high-schooler dude that we met at the race- Will Crigger.

Also I’ve been working with some more experimental songs lately-I haven’t had time to post them on the internet yet, but  I took this photograph that kind of vaguely reminds me of the songs:



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