It’s been awhile

It’s been awhile since I’ve written anything for my blog thing.

There is that pause surrounding me. The only noises I can hear now are of the tic of the clock representing time that we can understand and the chill that grabs ahold of the wind-chimes outside the window. About an hour ago I completed my skinny people workout while listening to Rage Against the Machine, The Cure, Beck, and Nirvana. However the relative weariness that covers my physical body is more from a lack of sleep over the past few days. It’s been so long since I’ve completed any posts for this blog it’s going to be hard to remember all of the creative stuff. But I will TRY!!@!

Photo on 2012-12-26 at 23.45 #2

skinny people push-ups

Christmas break was pretty lakidazical and filled with laziness and zombieness. I did, however get to spend a great deal of time with my family and received pretty awesome gifts. I think this is the first year that I’ve had so many friends as well as family think about giving gifts. I got cd’s, clay dancers,  and a book of poems from friends. Stand- outs of other Christmas gifts include  a ukelele, a record player, a new Nike watch, and an awesome hat. SO YESIDfua that’s pwatty cwazay! But yeah I try to hold myself back from overindulgence of Christmas and Christmas gifts because of how materialistic it has gotten. My family began an interesting practice that I enjoy a few years ago. The idea is to spend less money on gifts for the family and get everyone together to pay for a charity. This year we gave money to Charity:water (

Photo on 2012-12-26 at 09.02

new christmas stuff

During Christmas I also watched many movies- there were two stand out’s that were very interesting: Me and You and Everyone we Know and Some Days are Better than Others. Also weeks later I saw the movie the humerus movie Away we Go.

imgres-1 imgres-2 imgres-3

During the Christmas break is around the time I finally started experimenting with creating 3d clay stuff.

3d clay stuff

3d clay stuff


Yeah also for Christmas I got some boards to paint on and some ideas for doing competitions. One of the competitions was the one that I went to this past weekend. I’m great friends with a few of theatre people at my school and have an interest in theatre, so to go to a theatre festival hosted by the Mississippi Theatre Association (MTA- hosted by further more the Mississippi University for Women) with my schools’ 45 minuete play production I decided to do one of the many side events. I created mini  set design. I decided to do a scene from Alice in Wonderland.

IMG_4000IMG_4001IMG_4002The MTA festival was pretty awesomely fun! I wish I could just hangout with theatre people from all over all the time. And I totally wish I would have brought my camera with me to take pictures of all the crazy stuff I saw- and the winners of stuff! During my time there I was also able to watch quite a few different play productions- it was so awesome! Just awesome. From my school Anna Shaw, Louis Codling, Rex Ammes, Lacy Claire Whitten, Akane Little, Abreana (she’s so adorable, but I can’t spell her name, nor do I actually know her last name), Aaron Remotigue, Steve Jones, Mary Kate Hughes, and Brannon Godwin won awards. AWESOMENESS! The main production put on by my school was The Insanity of Mary Girard by somebody idk. whoops! But anyways I describe the effect on my mind the festival had on me.

At the festival I received a giant rip in my pants- that was weird…

Another competition I plan on entering in is an art contest put on by my school. The categories include: poem, short story, graphic design, photography, and drawing/painting- I’m going to try for every category.

i found this picture of some of us eating lunch

i found this picture of some of us eating lunch

When I got back to Starkville I went running with a decent number of people. Arash Taheri, Brent Wallace, Kamau Bostic, Lucas Muniz, Steve Schaffer, Jovon Hill, dad, and me were all there. Once again I wish I had my camera with me. After finishing a short 5 1/2 mile run I went to Akane Little’s house with quite a few friends for her birthday. She has an awesomely decorated house! I wish I had a camera!

so from now on I’ll try to be better about consistent blogging! 😉 HAPPY Martin Luther King Jr. day!!!

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