School and whatnot or whatever…

As I sit here, relatively sick and absent from school, I reflect on the happenings of the past week or so. My mind is kindly relaxing and rewinding with hot tea and honey as I look to key figures of events that occurred and possibly triggered vague emotions that lead to a creative outlook and in turn, a longing for creative expression over this period of time.

Most of the time in this past week, similar to most of the time throughout the history of my life, was centered in walking and sitting in the hallways and classrooms built on pieces of the foundation of the ideas of the modern education system. There was a bit of excitement last Monday however, as my high schools’ football team was successful in winning their state championship. When we got to school there was a ceremony in the early morning and I was able to witness hundreds of my peers screaming like Romans at gladiators. It was a bit invigorating as much of their victory was geared towards the respect of an old teammate, Devin Mitchell. Devin, commonly referred to in inspiring poster banners as #32, who deceased this past new year. His personal and religious philosophies influenced the area and many students greatly.

After school was over, I went to the after-school choir practice. Choir is a very interesting class- I am not a particularly great student for the class, but I do enjoy listening to the songs and singing -so it is enjoyable. I cannot help but feel as though music is one of God’s greatest gifts to mankind after hearing the all female choir singing the song Breath of Heaven.


The plant Breath of Heaven…

On Tuesday after school I met with my father for one of our open-invitation runs. I ended up running with my dad (Joe MacGown), Nathan Gaudin, Jorge Villarreal, and Lucas Muniz. CrAzY!!@!!2!!. On Thursday I ran with my dad, Nathan, and Steve Shaffer. After our run we saw Lucas Muniz getting prepared for his run. On Tuesday I went just over 9 miles and on Thursday I went about 6 miles.


Steve “awesomeness” Shaffer, Nathan “the beast” Gaudin, Me, and the recently acquainted Lucas Muniz

Usually during the school week, I feel like little is accomplished and that I’m being completely unproductive. Last week I found myself drawing on the tips of my shoes and that felt pretty productive, but yeah ya know. Also, last week I was enthused in Human A&P to learn about an odd disease case- with a man commonly referred to as “treeman.” His case inspired a dream-like storyline inside my head that left me with an odd emotion. If I remember correctly, his disease was caused by a combination of HPV and a rare immune deficiency.


The Indonesian man the video I watched was about- he went through massive surgery after ten years of having the skin disease

Photo on 2012-12-05 at 19.28

The shoes I drew on

Last week I was also pleasantly surprised with a surprise early Christmas gift. An interestingly energetic girl named Ashley Rude made me a hat completely of duct tape.

Photo on 2012-12-10 at 22.02

Duct tape hat!

During the weekend I spent most of my time with my relatively new group of eclectic friends. On Friday night a group of us watched a French film named Amélie. I did not finish the movie as I had to leave early for adequate sleep for the ACT thenext morning and a Choir Christmas Concert thing Saturday night. The morning after the Christmas Concert I went to another friends house to watch the artistic movie Cashback. Afterword I went with another group of people to practice singing for the possibility of trying out for the schools musical production. We actually spent most of our time “DERPING” around the MSU campus. I concluded my weekend with eating dinner at my lady friend, the flautist Chelsea Taylors’ house.

imgresimgres-2…< The movies Amélie and Cashback.

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